Extras: The e2 DJs

Every great party needs a great DJ.

In many ways a great DJ is as important as a great band. After all, the band doesn't play for the entire evening.

A good DJ should be the anchorman for the event, comparing and guiding the evening as well as maintaining the vibe and atmosphere between the bands sets.

In fact, when you think about it, a great DJ is vital.

Not only are the e2 DJ's great, but they also have the advantage of being part of the e2 team, working with the band night after night.

This close working relationship offers an unrivaled understanding between band and DJ ensuring a seamless transition between sets.

Along with any e2 DJ comes a stunning, state of the art dance floor lighting rig that will create an atmosphere that even the hardened "I've got two left feet" guest will struggle to resist.