Overseas Technical Rider:

The following provisions shall be deemed incorporated in the Contract to which this rider is annexed. The rider is to be signed by the employer.

Failure to adhere to any part shall constitute a breach of Contract and the artist shall have the right to cancel the Contract of which this rider is a part without surrendering any of the artist�s rights thereunder and without prejudice to the artist�s fee, which must be paid in full. No alterations of any of the clauses or terms contained herein have any legal standing. If the employer deems it necessary to make any alterations to this rider, they are to be approved in writing by the artist, or their authorised representative, no less than 30 days prior to the performance, and the amendments signed by both parties.

Should any peculiarities of the venue or event make it difficult to fulfil any clauses in this contract, please contact the �e2 Music� office.

LIGHTING: Minimal stage lighting at least.